Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Uma Mensagem Curta

As I sit here writing this my eyes are a little glazed over, but Gaurav and I finally have finished emailing our contact list of colleges for Terrazul! So far most of our replies have consisted of “on vacation and out of the office” auto-replies and offers to forward the information to other departments, but hopefully we will get lucky soon!

Bem-vindo a Facebook
The facebook page for Insituto Terrazu is finally up and running. If you have a facebook please “like” the page at:!/pages/Instituto-Terrazul/133893369964785?ref=ts

I should warn you that it is all in Portuguese, but there are pictures up of the Festa Junina where the kids went around encouraging people to recycle, as well as a few other pictures and a video. At the moment the site has only five fans, two of them being Gaurav and myself, but I´m expecting a surge once the teens in the after-school programs obtain the link. The picture above is from one of the field trips we accompanied- active learning woo!

Yesterday afternoon we stayed at work an hour later than usual to sit in on a meeting of the youth production company. Discussion was heated as the group is now going to split into two units: one will film monthly news report segments called “Espremendo o cérebro” (Stretching the Brain) and the other will produce short videos and films for outside clients. To date they have no set budget or contracts that they prepare for clients, which has proved to be a problem in the past. There was actually a slight price discrepancy for the film made during the Festa Junina a couple weeks ago, and a misunderstanding about a film made in Tijuca National Park prior to this. I´m going to start working with them to get their business plans more firmly set.

Lapa and I meet again
Despite the fact that the last time I went out in Lapa I came back phoneless, tonight we´ll be making a return journey with Carol. We´ll be dancing Forró, a traditional Brazilian dance. I just youtube´d it here:

At least I´m no stranger to embarassment.


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